Hi, I’m Jo, and I founded Saffron Bubbles all the way back in 2009. But in my career as a freelance graphic designer, I had become tired of spending too much time in front of high-res screens and not enough time with ink pots and paint – so the time had come to follow my dreams and branch out as an entrepreneur. Saffron Bubbles got reinvented last year into what it is today. 

I undertake all of the design work myself, and it’s my mission to help people connect with their loved ones through the cards I create. I firmly believe in the importance of family and friendship, and the global pandemic has made those relationships even more essential. Even though ‘lockdown’ is now (hopefully) a word from the past, there are still people self-isolating and social distancing is still an ongoing presence. With this in mind, it’s my vision to help us reconnect with each other, even in these troubled and challenging times. 

Mother Earth needs our help…

Sustainability is another cause that is close to my heart. Global warming and environmental damage is an ever-present issue, and we all have our part to play in preventing climate change. That’s why I’ve made the conscious decision to live a more sustainable life years ago, and as a result with starting up Saffron Bubbles it’s only natural to use sustainable printers and as much as possible locally produced paper, so we can do our bit for our planet and make a difference while giving back to the community. Oh, did I mention plastic? None of that here I’m pleased to say!


Here at Saffron Bubbles, I’m dedicated to promoting diversity and celebrating lives in every community. That’s why I am committed to creating an exciting range of diverse and inclusive cards to meet every need and to mark a wide range of celebrations and events.  

Meanwhile, my hubby is always on hand to help me with anything that needs doing behind the scenes, while my cats Romeo and Charlie help to distract me when I need it most!