Let us write and send your cards

Running late to send that card, or living outside the UK and need to send a card to the UK?
Try out our free handwritten card service!

Running out of time? Not having the right stamp to post overseas? Queueing at the post office isn’t your thing? Need some help to write that special card? We can help!

Try out our handwritten card service, we love to help and it’s not going to cost you an extra penny! And no, we do not use any computer fonts, all cards are handwritten with a fountain pen and china blue ink (basically, this means dark blue ink). All handwritten cards are posted daily, Monday to Friday, and on the day if the order is received by 1pm.* If you’d like us to post the card on a certain date or add a ‘do not open until’ message on the back of the envelope, we can do that as well! 

Or maybe you live outside the UK and need to send a card to a loved one living in the UK? Save on international postage and time by letting us send the card for you.

Ordering a handwritten card is easy. Buy the card you want to send and when you proceed to the checkout area, there’s a tick box for delivering to a different address. It will provide you the option to write your own message, for up to 250 characters. Let us know what the message needs to be, don’t forget to add your name, and we’ll do the rest!

* Local time: GMT in winter, BST in summer