Packaging and recycling

Our cards are naked!

Sustainability is our goal, and that’s why our cards are proud to be ‘naked’. We sell them with a removable little sticker (‘card clasp’) to keep the card and envelope together rather than using cello sleeves so our cards can be fully recyclable. 

What’s wrong with cello sleeves?

Even though cellophane (used for making cello sleeves) is derived from natural sources like wood, it’s not environmentally friendly for its production requires toxic carbon disulfide. And unlike plastic, cellophane can’t be recycled. It’s biodegradable, so it can be composted or sent to a landfill in your household waste, but unfortunately that doesn’t mean it’s eco-friendly. 

Lots of homes have no green waste collections or composting options, so these sleeves all-too-often end up in landfill. Once there, they can only degrade at certain temperatures, and they often release methane – a powerful global-warming gas – into the atmosphere. Only at landfills with specialised facilities that allow for methane recovery would cello sleeves no longer cause any harm.

That’s why we believe that going ‘naked’ is a better option. This one small step will help us eliminate thousands of cello and plastic sleeves each year and do our bit to protect our planet.